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    Anxiety might be more common than you think.The truth is, this is the most frequent mental health disorder.Anxiety might be experienced in terms of something specific or a blend of lots of things.Are you aware ??¦ Anxiety disorders affect 18% of ladies and 11% of men? (ABS, 2007)AnxietyCommon Symptoms of Anxiety feeling irritable or on edge disturbed sleeping patterns feeling scared or fearful losing patience easily or having outbursts being pessimistic and focusing a little more about negative aspects of situationsPhysical Signs of Anxiety muscle tension and headaches difficulty concentrating influencing a flare of other illnesses e.g. skin problems like dermatitis, migraines or asthma (Beyond Blue, 2014)7 Solutions To Reduce Your Anxiety Use Relaxation techniques for example meditation and progressive muscle relaxation Use mindfulness techniques Take advantage of your social support network Access support groups and online forums Engage in physical exercise Follow a healthy well-balanced diet Seek specialist help from the psychologistHelp To Reduce AnxietyMany services are offered that concentrate on treating anxiety symptoms.If anxiety is making your day by day life difficult, it may be smart to speak to your personal doctor regarding your options.If you want assistance inside the strategy to anxiety or to get a psychologist in Perth, contact us today.